About XMedicus Aps


XMedicus Aps started when founder Mikkel Kruse´s father John in 2002, took over the Ear Nose Throat Clinic in Frederiksværk. He decided to change the existing IT system with one that was more up to date. The son Mikkel, who at the time was still a computer science student, offered to make a completely new system and it should be Linux-based.
Thus XMedicus medical journal system was born.

Since 2003, the specialist clinic has used XMedicus medical journal system in the clinic. As the new IT medical system was tested, the clinic system has become more and more professional system and especially the development has been fast after the authorization from MedCom Denmark came.

The clinic has constantly asked for improvements ensuring that the XMedicus clinic software, today is easy to operate with few manual operations and many automatic tasks, where applicable. Unnecessary automation with strange "pop-up" windows has been avoided. Xmedicus journalsy system now meets the requirements that we can ask an ear nose throat clinic and in many other clinics. Sten Johnsen said: "We welcome every day how easy the workday has become on many points.

In the morning, the clinic listens to the answering machine for any. cancellations. Each patient has received an SMS reminder the day before the agreement through XMedicus SMS Remind making the turnup percentage much higher..

When a patient calls the clinic enters his NHS number. and all other data comes automatically from the population register. If the patient is found in the journal system in advance his data pops up automatically in the XMedicus medical system.

The clinic has three workstations and a patient may well be active on all of them without a conflict occuring. Journal Memo, entering audiogram data, allergy test results or other data can be performed from any workstation.

Prescriptions, referrals and feedback is sent by EDI by a few keystrokes. Data is sent every five minutes The recipe module is simple and also is associated with an external database via the Internet.

And the most important part?

The settlement and bill section is very simple. The patients account is settled easily and when the day is over, you can use the controlfunction to see if all of today's patients accounts has been settled. Once a month a few keystrokes shows the month´s turnover and it can be transmitted via EDI to the right agency.

In addition, it should be noted that the graphics and display surface is uncluttered and modern in nature" Sten Johnsen concludes.

The XMedicus medical journalsystem can be used in any clinic, even if you "only" need booking, EDI and journal writing, thanks to the modular structure you only pay for the modules you need.

The safety of datatraffic on the Internet and back-up is of course included in the XMedicus clinic software. At Sten Johnsen's specialist clinic all data is sent to a server "out of town". That way, back-up and the original is not lost simultaneously, for example, by fire or theft and you do not have to remember to do back up to external media.

XMedicus medical journal systems can be easily adapted to specialties: chiropractor, radiologist, specialist doctor, podiatrist, dentist, gynecologist, psychologist and others. This makes XMedicus one of the most flexible medical journal systems around the globe.

In 2015, things have started to go really fast with XMedicus medical journal system, there are now a total employed six programmers and two supporters and clinic system is available in three different versions depending on the operating system. The number of clinics using XMedicus medical journal system has grown to over 50, while the arrival of a version of XMedicus medical records system to iPad 100% support for XML Emessage, and connection to the common medication card. In August 2015 the XMedicus software was approved for DDV, the Danish vaccination register. The software now runs on El Capitan from Apple and further approvals has been given by the Danish health authorities.

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