XMedicus medical journal prices


This solution is for clinics who already own computers or iPads, that can run the XMedicus medical journal system. We offer to install the Medical records system on the existing hardware, both workstations and servers. There is no need to invest in new expensive hardware, XMedicus´system requirements are not very demanding. The software can be installed on Windows or linux servers.

The doctors clinic buys the medical records system off XMedicus Ltd. A one time fee is paid and the clinic buys updates and support on a quarterly basis as needed. Exstra modules for the XMedicus journal system can be added on if and when the need arises, there is no obligation to buy everything at once.

If you have any doubts whether your hardware can execute the Xmedicus medical records system, you are very welcome to call us and have a chat at +45 8883 6000 or send us an Email at

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