Arrival terminal for the practicioners office

Arrival terminal from XMedicus

Save a lot of time by allowing the patients to register their arrival themselves with the new welcome terminal from XMedicus. The new welcome terminal is available in two different versions.
A wall-mounted version as well as a version mounted on a stand standing freely in a room.
The welcome stand is set up in the reception and patients can swipe their health card through the card reader, XMedicus records system will record the arrival automatically and update your calendar program.
The screen saver on the terminal can also be used to display news for patients, for example, to inform them that the clinic is closed in a given period, or other relevant information they want to convey to his patients.
The stand is theft-proof, partly in the form of its weight and partly with a lock that ensures the hardware that sits inside the pole. Data is also safe if an accident should happen and tablet welcome the stand is stolen, all data XMedicus medical system is namely centrally located externally and not on each device.
The new welcome stand works just as XMedicus software to the clinic for all industries in the healthcare sector and can easily be configured for different needs and clinics.
XMedicus welcome terminal to clinics is available in black and white.

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