Medical Journal records system software

XMedicus is a modular, and effective clinical system that can be built up as required. The journal system contains everything a modern psychologist or psychotherapist need at his practice.

XMedicus is an innovative medical system / file system to ease the way gynecologists record, process and exchange clinical and financial information on.
XMedicus software for clinic saves psychologists hours of manual and administrative work every day and gives a better overview of appointments, finances and medical records - and more time for the individual patient.

The medical journal system contains all the functions you need to run a modern and efficient psychologist clinic.

  • Increase in earnings
    • Better flow of patients
  • lower maintenance cost for
    • Employees
    • IT-hardware
    • support
  • more time for the patients

Xmedicus offer the following advantages for psychologist and terapeuts

  • The program runs on more than 50 clinics
  • Backupsystem and updates are included in the price
  • Easy to expand

XMedicus Journalsystem can be taylormade to suit your pratice - get a unique medical journal solution for your clinic.

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