Chiropodist medical journal system


XMedicus medical journal system for chiropodists is a fast and stable journal system, developed in cooperation with chiropodists and health clinics, in order to fulfill all requirements for the professional chiropodist.

XMedicus is the cheap and efficient solution for the chiporodist, who is looking for a journal system for his practice.

The software helps the chiropodist use his time to treat the patients, instead of sitting in front of the computer, automated bills and communication with the NHS is just a few of the smart features in XMedicus.

Our journal system software includes all necessary functions and can be extended with further modules. This means for you as a chiropodist:

  • An increas in earnings
    • better flow of patients
  • Maintenance cost will be lowered for
    • Employees
    • IT
    • IT Support
  • You get more time to treat and care for the patients.

What XMedicus Ltd offer you is an all inclusive solution with software. XMedicus medical journalsystem works without Microsoft operating system or the Officepack.

Advantages for the Chiropodist

  • XMedicus is already in use on several clinics and is put through the paces on a daily basis.
  • We deliver an all inclusive solution, with wordprocessing, spreadsheet, mailprogram and more.
  • Secure backup solution and maintenance is included
  • You get hardware* and software* delivered if you need new equipment. Læs om totalløsning
  • Your work enviroment will become silent as XMedicus software can run from an iPad
  • læs om fordele.

* you can use the clinics existing hardware/software, it is probably not necessary to buy new computers. Se egen hardware

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