Journal software for dentists


XMedicus dentist journal software is a groundbreaking journalsystem, which reinvents the way a dentist registers treatments, puts out bills and communicate with the world around him.

The XMedicus journal system automates a lot of processes at the clinic and allows the dentist to be more efficient og productive.

XMedicus journalsystem is a complete dentists system, and every function a dentist needs is included, bills are automatically generated and easy communication with the NHS is built into the software.

  • increased earnings
    • greater number of patients in one day
  • maintenance costs will be lower for
    • workforce
    • IT
    • support
  • More time to care for the individual patient

XMedicus Ltd is offering a solution with everything you need to run a dentists practice. There is no need for additional software or expensive licenses, as XMedicus can run on a free and secure Linux server. We ensure your data is converted from the old software, our succesrate is 100% in converting data.

Dentists advantages

  • XMedicus testing has been done extensibly in live environments
  • You will not only get the XMedicus journal software, you also get a mail solution, wordprocessing, spreadsheet and more.
  • Regular maintenance and updates of the clinic software.Backupløsning og vedligeholdelse af programmet er inkluderet.
  • Fast and secure backupsolution via cloudcomputing
  • All hardware and software delivered Læs om totalløsning
  • better workplace environment with zero noise
  • læs om fordele.

* Use your own hardware/software for XMedicus journal system. Se egen hardware

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