XMedicus the medical journal system


XMedicus software for your clinic is an innovative medical system that provides you with specialized doctors a new way to detect and treat patients, while improving XMedicus work to exchange clinical and financial information.
XMedicus's powerful and integrated medical journal solution gives you as a specialist a quick and easy way to automate your practice. While expediting to pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals, general medical and health insurance.
XMedicus clinic software contains all functions to run a specialist clinic, this means the following for you:

increased earnings
Larger patient flow

Low operating costs to:

IT equipment
Technical Support

  • More time to treat the patients.

XMedicus Ltd. offers a total solution that includes all software to the clinic journalsystem, the specialist doctor needs neither Microsoft operating system and Office suite. XMedicus software for clinic can run on the free Linux system.

Advantages for speciality doctors

  • XMedicus is installed at specialist clinics and thus proven in practice
    The total solution includes all the software (Mail, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, etc.).
    Backup Solution and ongoing maintenance are included.
  • Everything is included software and hardware no need to invest in new equipment or software. Læs om totalløsning
  • Completely silent working environment. No disruptive noise from computers at the clinic
  • læs om fordele.

* It is possible to use the clinics own computers or servers. Se egen hardware

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